Proud to deliver to our clients detailed and
comprehensive surveys of their buildings.

Gain a clearer understanding of the current condition of your buildings

Highlight potential areas of non-compliance and those requiring improvement

Make decisions on cyclical and planned maintenance alongside budgeting for potential works



Our experienced team provides a detailed report of a building’s existing condition, potential remedial works required and a timescale in which these should be undertaken. Through close communication with our clients, we ensure these take place in a non-intrusive, cost-effective and minimally disruptive manner.

Acquisition Surveys

Understanding a property’s existing condition and potential scope is a key component when entering any property transaction. An acquisition survey will highlight the viability and any liabilities of a prospective property, allowing clients to make an informed decision when purchasing a property.

Measured Surveys

Whether for an existing property or one you are considering investing in, our skilled surveyors can provide both detailed and to-scale plans alongside elevations and section drawings as required. Having a measured survey provides increased special awareness and allows the client to begin the design process.’

Planned Maintenance Surveys

Cyclical and preventative maintenance are a more cost-effective approach to building upkeep than reactive maintenance. Our detailed surveys can be tailored to your needs, examining all components of a building, advising on timescales for the future undertaking of works and providing an expected cost of each element. Establishing these details allows for more accurate budgeting and planning of works.

Compliance Assessments

Certain assessments are a legal requirement for a commercial building such as accessibility assessments, fire risk assessments and asbestos surveys. Undertaking these surveys can highlight the areas that require improvements whilst demonstrating compliance in the event of an audit.

Snagging Schedule

Are you a buyer of a new property? Or perhaps a developer searching for a third-party impartial consultant to snag your building? As experienced surveyors, we are both professional and fair when undertaking the snagging process. We can provide a snagging list to all parties involved in the project alongside completing a de-snag process once the contractor is satisfied that the issues are resolved.

Dilapidations Survey

Is your property nearing the end of its lease? Whether you’re the landlord or tenant, a fair resolution should be achieved in ensuring the property is returned in the state that it was leased. All buildings will deteriorate over time if not maintained, even those that have seen upkeep may require works like reinstating alterations and making good from the removal of fixtures. Our surveyors specialise in identifying the current condition of a building against that of when it was originally leased. The reports we create will highlight any dilapidations and remedial works required alongside estimating a cost for each item.

Structural Surveys

Our surveyors provide a comprehensive survey that analyses the structural condition of a building to highlight any potential problems and building defects. They will then provide an itemised schedule to relay the building’s condition, life expectancy and any associated costs of the remedial works.

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