With extensive experience in both the public and private sectors, our in-house team of surveyors can provide design services at all scales. We ensure the same professional and quality services whether you own a multi-million-pound office or a smaller residential extension.

When producing detailed working documentation we can focus on the building's aesthetic appeal and ensure functionality. Additionally, our services offer cost-value engineering, building compliance/regulation checks and a single point of contact throughout the design phase.

At the client's request, we can incorporate a range of sustainable energy technologies the ensure the ongoing running costs are minimised as well as those for construction.

With previous practical experience, our team are well-rounded and can evaluate the feasibility of construction in our designs. An often overseen element, the correct evaluation can significantly reduce project costs whilst maintaining quality.

Being accustomed to conducting feasibility studies we work with our clients to advise them of project practicalities. Subsequently, we continue this practice when producing detailed designs and working documents tailored to meet clients' needs and desires.

Principle Designer Role

Construction Regulation* Now Calls For A New Role Known As The ‘Principle Designer’. Required should more than one contractor be working on the project, this role manages the health and safety aspects of the works. As a benefit to our clients we can undertake this role, maintaining the single point of contact, this is included as part of our management fee on any project. *CDM 2015’.

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